Interlink Case Study

Outsourced IT Solutions for start-ups making the move away from serviced offices

Interlink Director’s Jay Gorga and Andrew McLernon decided to make the move away from serviced offices into their own base on London Bridge, in order to facililtate plans for staff growth, whilst also upscaling their office environment for visitors and clients. The move quickly uncovered the challenges and considerations that were previously taken care of within the serviced offices. Services including their phone lines, office equipment and connectivity now had to be organised and set up by themselves. n the space of the move they also quickly grew their staff from themselves up to 5 full-time members of staff and two part timers. This influx of staff brought with it the requirement to source and induct staff into the IT processes whilst troubleshooting hardware and connectivity issues as they occurred.

Their first big difficulty arose when they realised they had invested in the wrong hardware, having purchased a mixture of consumer laptops and docking stations, along with the wrong cables and screens (these pitfalls are easily overlooked, and start-up founders often find their time is being eaten away by business requirements that are not aligned with their expertise).

This is the point at which Jay and Andrew decided it was time to seek out assistance so that they could streamline their time to be applied solely to
income generation. SP1 were the chosen IT solution, and we quickly stepped in to remedy their IT issues and ensure they had the right infrastructure for their business needs.

Our first task was to liaise with the leaseholder about putting in the right line for increased bandwidth as well as altering the office layout to situate cables and ports in the right places for staff to access. Next we reviewed their existing hardware against a matrix of the business requirements and scoped out a set of HP products to replace the mixture of hardware solutions that were not meeting their needs. Interlink now have a suite of HP products that are setup and managed by ourselves, along with a clearly defined IT induction process for all staff.

Finally we migrated their previous email solution over to Office 365 allowing them to make use of all the collaboration tools as well as moving legacy data from a variety of different places into a single cloud-based solution. Staff know that they can come to us as a single point of contact to help them deal with any IT issues that arise, quickly and efficiently. We’re on-hand to help 24/7, ensuring minimal downtime and loss of productivity.

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