Rotheras Solicitors Case Study

Outsourced IT strategy and support for one of Nottingham’s leading law firms

Rotheras Solicitors, based in the heart of Nottingham, have been providing legal services to both businesses and individuals across the East Midlands for over 200 years.

Their flagship office, based in the historic Lace Market in Nottingham City Centre, is home to approximately 60 members of staff. In addition to this the firm operates six branch offices totalling over 125 staff firm-wide. Multi-site locations add an additional challenge to the IT strategy as issues can occur from any site and need to be remedied Efficiently to minimise disruption to workflow.

SP1 have been providing external IT solutions to Rotheras Solicitors since 2005, and this relationship has enabled the firm to Develop and grow in several areas. With expertise on hand to provide a robust, ongoing IT strategy that is tailored to the long-term business plan while also considering the emergence of trends and changes to legislation that affect the wider industry.

Our relationship has supported the firm’s plans on a long-term basis, through an agreement that is structured around the day-to-day requirements of the firm, while also considering future plans. In other words: we don’t develop fluffy service agreements that charge for services that are not required.

SP1 assess the requirements of the day-to-day on-site and off-site support that is required to ensure all of the systems and IT functions run smoothly and enable people to do their jobs. The service agreement with Rotheras includes 24/7 system monitoring, ensuring that most issues are detected and remedied before the client even knows there is a problem, early in the morning or late at night, to guarantee systems are up and running and ready to go. We act as an internal resource without the headache of HR and with a less trenuous financial commitment. We operate without supplier agreements so that we always provide the best solutions to match the client requirement – e.g. most cost effective, time saving, beneficial!

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